Development Project Phase 4 Block 405a MLN Field Has Entered Next Stage

On MLN field block 405a, Pertamina, as an operator, has entered further phase, where the project is going through FEED (Front End Engineering Design) process. The implementers of this process are Engineering contractors that originated from Indonesia, which is Pertamina has made saving for operational cost efficiency than hiring implementers from overseas. And also, it shows that Indonesia has great capacities and abilities on human resources, mainly in scope of Engineering which will be built in foreign countries.

Key part of FEED process is safety study in facility design, which is called Hazard Identification (HAZID), Hazard & Operability (HAZOP), Plot Plan Review, and Enzid. Pertamina has successfully done that as scheduled on 21st-31st January 2017. It is important thing for implementation of the Engineering design for the new facility that will be built. This enforcement not just involving project team from Pertamina, but also operational team on MLN field that consists of employees from Pertamina and Sonatrach. Moreover, this FEED process also attended by a member of CdG (Management Committee), who opened the event.

Generally, FEED is executed as planned and is scheduled for completion on April 2017. With this results, it is expected that the execution of Development Project Phase 4 Block 405a in MLN Field, Algeria, will encourage and giving value-added for Pertamina in international area on future projects implementation.

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